Bad Trip is the 1st episode of the Oscar's Oasis series.


When Oscar noticed a bottle of energy drink, he tries to open it but the cap won't open, so he tries to get a bottle opener but Popy, Buck, and Harchi also wants the drink too.


Oscar is tied and thirsty, he find a water bottle near some garbage cans, when he fall of some cans, his neck gets trapped on a can opener. he sees another can but it's empty, only a spider lives there. Oscar find a pond on the desert, he decides to drink that water. but some scarab's excrement falls on the water. much to Oscar's disgust. then he sees a billboard showing a women drinking water. and a men with a can opener. there's was some water bottles with sealed lips. he wants to open the bottle. but the sealed bottle didn't open, soon Oscar realizes about the can opener, he takes the sealed bottle to the can opener, when he arrives at the garbage cans, he picks the can opener and decides to open the water bottle. suddenly, Harchi, Popy and Buck arrives, as Oscar escapes the trio pick an old Lawn-mower and chases after Oscar. the bottle rolled away from Oscar as the trio teases him for lose the bottle, and they hurry after the bottle. they crash into a rock, a truck hit Oscar and his bottle, the trio sees Oscar and the bottle. and they hurry after him again. Oscar sees the can opener with Popy, he wants to take without success. then the trio and Oscar fall on the ground and the bottle rolls to the edge. the trio and Oscar goes to rescue the bottle, breaking the edge's rock the slide and sees an alligator's pond thew bottle falls and the alligator eats the bottle. He spits the bottle and Harchi hold. dropping Popy, Buck and Oscar on the edge, they fall in the pond and gets surrounded by alligators.


A scarab and a spider appears too.



  • Oscar, the trio and the Alligators are introduced.
  • Roco, Manolo and the Chickens are absent.
  • Harchi doesn't use his cart to chase Oscar.
  • This is the only time where a scarab appears in the series.
  • This episode is not the pilot episode of the series. There was a precursor named Ooohhhasis.