Egg Race is the 2nd episode of Oscar's Oasis series.


Oscar wants to eat one of the chicken eggs until it got interrupted when the villains are trying to capture one of the chickens for their snack.







  • First episode the chickens appear in.
  • Harchi spent most of his time with red binoculars. An effect is that he tricks Buck into that Oscar got an egg but never did and another effect is that Popy ended up breaking the viewing parts of the binoculars.
  • This is the first time that Oscar makes the "Scared-of-the-chickens" face.
  • This is the only time that the Tar-and-Feather gag is used (on Oscar)
  • The scenario for the tar pit used is the same from Happy Harchi episode from Ooohhhasis


  • After Buck looks at Popy nervously for not getting an egg, one of his eyes are more inside, making him look he's cross-eyed.
  • After an earthquake, Buck and Harchi swap positions.
  • If the pot is heavier than Popy, when it falls on her head, how can she support the weight even though the pot is heavier?
  • Popy put vegetables on the soup, but when it fell upside down, there were no vegetables.