The logo for Ooohhhasis.

Ooohhhasis (originally known as Oasis before the release of the show) is a French-South Korean TV series that is the precursor to Oscar's Oasis and first aired in 2008. Seven two minute episodes were released for the TV series, out of an originally intended 52 episodes. Originally, the 78 episode season of Oscar's Oasis (known as Oscar & Co in certain regions) was also supposed to be called Ooohhhasis. [1] A To see the episode listing, go to Episode Guide.


  • Oscar was referred as The Lizard.
  • Popy was originally a male fennec fox named Panic, with a drastically different appearance.
  • Harchi was originally named Hatch but shortly before the release of the first episode, "Panic Attack", he was renamed to Harchi.
  • Buck's name was Burk.
  • There's a snake in the episode "Happy Harchi" that does not appear in Oscar's Oasis.
  • It was originally named simply "Oasis" between 2004 and 2007 but shortly before the release of "Panic Attack" it was changed to "Ooohhhasis".



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