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Oscars Oasis (French Oscar & Co) is a 2010 French-South Korean computer animated television TV series animated by TeamTO and TUBAn. The show follows the sun-baked adventures of Oscar, a lizard in the middle of the desert finding himself on misadventures wherever he goes, from finding water to fleeing from a band of misfits. There are 78 episodes in the series.




OSCAR & CO - Bande annonce

OSCAR & CO - Bande annonce

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The series has a precursor series called Ooohhhasis with seven episodes that originally released in 2008.


Oscar is a lizard who lives in the desert, where he generally searches for food or water; he sometimes discovers liquid but he is usually frustrated from recovering it for drink. An asphalt concrete highway runs through the area, used from time to time by various cargo trucks to deliver items. An oasis supplies the only fresh water in the area, but its thick population of irascible and hungry crocodiles renders it inaccessible. At considerable personal risk (lizard is a delicacy for chickens), Oscar occasionally manages to steal an egg from a nearby hen coop, and he sometimes explores one of the piles of trash that litter the parched landscape.

Harchi, a hyena; Popy, a fennec fox; and Buck, a vulture, form "The Trio", and all inhabit an abandoned school bus situated on a hill, but they normally go about on a warehouse or grocery cart powered by Harchi, the muscle, and directed by Popy, the boss of the trio. Like Oscar, the trio constantly searches for food and water - often competing with him, sometimes using him as a part of a plan, but occasionally cooperating with him when it suits their purpose.


Main characters

  • Oscar the lizard is the main character of the show.
  • Harchi is the muscle of the Trio.
  • Popy is the boss of the trio.
  • Buck is the nerd of the trio.

Other characters


  • Surprisingly, after the episode "GodLizard Returns" the trio were back to normal. It might be possible the alien that caused the transformation on the trio was a spell or the trio used something that made them bigger and washed off the paint that was on them.
  • The trio, Roco, and the skunk are anthropomorphic, which means they walk on two feet and have human characteristics, such as throwing things, sitting like humans, and they instead of using their tongues to drink, except sometimes Roco, they use their hands and drink in water bottles.
  • This TV series is very similar to the Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner cartoons. Has someone chasing someone (The Trio to Oscar) and the villains always falling (The Trio always falling to a ravine).