The Skunk is a skunk that lives in the desert. He generates a stench that comes from his body which he can generate at any time from his armpits. He can also fart out stinky green or yellow flatulence from his butt. He first appears in the episode "Forbidden Zone".


Being a skunk with generic coloring he has white stripes on his mostly black body. He also has a white thin Mohawk for hair on his head. His armpits have five big black strips of hair which are seen when his arms are in the air.


The skunk likes to terrorize other people and animals in the desert with his stench, making them fear him.

Though Oscar has a sense of smell and can be attracted to the smell of food, such as fried eggs, he is clearly unaffected or at least not offended by the skunk's stench as shown when he is able to be smothered in the Skunks armpit and showing little to no reaction to he smell.

Oscar likes the skunk to the point where he frequently tries to befriend him, much to the skunk's annoyance. The skunk will frequently try to do anything to avoid the little lizard. (Although he once tolerated Oscar in exchange for a piece of watermelon.) This may be because Oscar himself doesn't smell that great however that's a subject for debate.